Told by Levi Morgan

The Mindset Origin

Even though "The Maniml" was a nickname given to me, I've never really let it completely define who I am. To me, it's more like a way of approaching those rare, once-in-a-lifetime shots that come our way. Growing up in the competitive world of tournaments, there's just no room for slip-ups – having a fragile mindset is practically a one-way ticket to cutting your career short. So, I had no choice but to have this unshakable determination for tackling those game-changing moments.

Believe me, those moments can either knock you flat or make you clench your teeth and power through. Now, is it all about mental toughness? Sure thing, but it's also about being sharp, having smarts, staying laser-focused, and nailing every tiny detail. Toughness gets you part of the way, no doubt about it. But the real secret is being so prepared and self-assured that success is the only outcome.

That's what the Maniml Mindset means to me.

Toughness can take you far, but when you're well-prepared and confident to the point where you only see success, that's how you win.

A winning mindset

Levi's Competition Accomplishments since 2006:

  • Rookie of the Year winner 2006

  • 16 time World Champion

  • 13 time ASA Shooter of the Year

  • 12 time National Triple Crown Champion

  • Over 70 national wins

  • Only professional to win The Grand Slam

  • Redding Champion

  • Indoor Nationals Champion

  • 9 Vegas Final Appearances